Most Comfortable Bras, You'll Think They're Skin!

Sep 05, 2023

Most comfortable bras

Table of Content

- Introduction

- Qualities of the Most Comfortable Bras for Everday Wear

- Comfortable Bras for All-Day Comfort Shouldn’t be Expensive!

- Conclusion

- FQA's


What goes into making the most comfortable bras? There are quite a few points actually, and most lingerie brands get it so wrong! So what goes into making a comfortable bra? Well, it starts by first understanding what makes a bra uncomfortable.

The majority of women in India find bras uncomfortable due to one or many of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect materials used
  • Strap thickness
  • Outdated bra design and shaping
  • Non-inclusive sizing

So, in theory, overcoming all of these obstacles should lead to the ‘perfect bra,’ something that most women only believe to be a myth.

Let’s take a look at all of these points one by one and see how Candour London overcomes them to design a bra so comfortable you’ll feel in your own skin when wearing it.

Qualities of the Most Comfortable Bras for Everyday Wear

Seeing as you will be spending what feels like the whole day in your bra, it makes sense that comfort is your prime concern. Because who wants to feel imprisoned in their bra? Definitely not you!

Here’s what goes into making comfortable bras for everyday wear that suit the needs of modern women.

1) The Most Comfortable Bras for Everyday Wear Use these Materials

If you’re a woman, you can probably guess a fabric by looking at it and then confirm it by touching it. It’s our secret telepathic gift!

Considering bras are classified as undergarments, uttermost care should be taken to ensure fabrics are selected based on the properties required by that particular part of the bra. Comfortable bras for all-day comfort are a staple for every woman!

Certain fabrics come to mind when thinking about bras. These are the Spandex-based Lycra and Elastane fabrics. Other fabrics include Cotton, Nylon, Silk, Lace, and other Woven fabrics. These fabrics are more comfortable than the synthetic ones flooding the market these days.

Most Comfortable bras for everyday wear

Understanding the Parts of a Bra

A bra is the complete garment, but, there are several parts that go into making it. They are as follows:

  • Cup
  • Bridge
  • Band Fabric
  • Lining

    2) Strap Thickness

    We have gone over what band fabric should be used. Now it is time to go through what the strap thickness should be. The ideal strap thickness varies for different women as body types vary.

    So, a bra strap thickness aimed at lighter-chested women may not be comfortable at all for heavier-chested women, and rightfully so. At Candour London, we don’t go by the motto of one-size-fits-all.

    A variety of strap thickness options and designs are available to ensure that you find the right one. You can also find our bra designs that offer the ability to change bra straps for ones that suit your comfort or style requirements. This caters to instances when you need your bra straps to remain concealed.

    3) Design That’s Made for Women

    Most women are instilled with the “if it looks good, it won’t feel good” mentality, this is usually due to bra makers who think women shop with their eyes when it comes to bras. So the myth is that good-looking bras aren’t comfortable bras for all-day comfort.

    What makes Candour London different is that we have women who design bras for women! Based on the body types of all women, our bras are carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort.

    More often than not, we get it right and you’ll even forget that you are wearing it! If that happens, mission accomplished, right? Don’t worry it will look good too!

    Where do bras differ in terms of design?

    Well, some women don’t like higher or lower cups or may have a preference for the shape of the cup. Not to mention, depth also plays an important role.

    The making of the most comfortable bras comes from design pioneers who are able to offer inclusivity by making designs based on ‘ALL’ body types and anticipating possible drawbacks and comfort concerns- before they happen.

    4) Sizing Should be Flexible Because Bodies Are!

    When looking to buy comfortable bras for all-day comfort, the sizing chart looks pretty straightforward. It is anything but that! That’s because there are several women who fall outside of these hardened sizing schemes.

    The conventional bra sizing chart is made for the majority of women who fit in them. However, there is an immense number of women who fall between the cracks!

    Perhaps one woman is bustier but has a rather firm back, meaning the cups would have to be larger while the strap should be slim enough to not be too loose. The opposite applies to women who have a broader back.

    Besides all women have that special bra size or fit that leads to that eureka moment where they have found comfortable bras for everyday wear.

    This is great because as a woman, we have all been there (and it is tiring)!

    Comfortable Bras for All-Day Comfort Shouldn’t be Expensive!

    We have established that identifying a comfortable bra on sight is an almost impossible task! So this rare commodity of comfort shouldn’t come at a price! Also, they shouldn’t be as hard to find as diamonds.

    That’s where we, Candour London come in.

    Candour London is a Gen Z-centric undergarment brand looking to bridge the divides between style, comfort, and affordability. A bare minimum such as a classy bra shouldn’t have to be something that makes a dent in your purse.

    We have done away with the outdated concept of bras and have found a way to combine the needs and wants of women. Girls of today use bras as a fashion statement as well, not some undergarment that they should be ashamed of!


    Candour London is a progressive brand that aims to provide young women with options for the most comfortable bras, in a market where the options for comfort and inclusivity seem bleak, to say the least.

    Furthermore, fashionable women shouldn’t have to be forced into buying anything their heart isn’t inclined to. Gone are the days when women have just three or four options to choose from.

    We look forward to presenting you with an endless catalog of bras that are worth your every cent!


    Q.) Do Candour London fabrics cause irritation or rashes?

    Ans. No, they don’t. What makes Candour London bras different from others is that we ensure we use fabrics that are irritation-free. Our bras are smooth and soft to the touch and your body (any part of it) deserves the same.

    Q.) Where can I find Candour London’s comfortable bras for everyday wear?

    Ans. Candour London currently offers our products for sale online on their website Candour London as well as leading eCommerce platforms.