We believe that being beautiful on the inside is as important as what we project on the outside, as finally people closest to you see you in your most personal innerwear. Candour by definition means the quality of being open and honest and it was a conscious decision to give our brand a name which exemplified the ethos and approach of both our product and our business.

Candour London is a youth fashion brand that believes today’s youth are the true change agents of the future. As a brand which decidedly wants to be radical in its styles, fashion and colours, we see a perfect synergy between our products and the young woman out there today.

We offer extremely well-crafted and fashionable lingerie and nightwear which is comfortable yet stylish, extremely high-end but well priced, and accessible to all.

Premium quality, fashionable styles, exceptional colours and great fabrics, all at value pricing is what Candour London stands for.

Our products stand by this philosophy.