How to Make a Bra Comfortable? Candour London Knows How

Sep 22, 2023

how to make a bra comfortable

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • How to Make a Bra More Comfortable?
  • Conclusion


It just takes the wrong bra to make a woman feel tied down and in pain. Feelings of pain, discomfort, and self-consciousness can potentially spoil your day. Picking the right bra (a comfortable one) can positively affect you and put you on course to reach your goals. Wondering how to make your bra more comfortable?

Actually, you don’t have to worry about that, Candour London, is a brand at the forefront of revolutionizing undergarments for Gen Z. Allow us to show you how we do it.

How to Make a Bra More Comfortable?

Bras tend to feel like a confinement. You’ll probably know that feeling! But, this tends to happen most when your bra is made from the wrong materials or for a few other reasons.

Candour London has done extensive analysis into our audience such as yourself and understanding your daily aches and pains. All of this has helped us to make the best bras for all-day comfort, guaranteed!

Comfortable Bra Materials

The first step to feeling comfortable and in your own skin starts with the materials. But, that doesn’t mean that the bra needs to be made of silk! There are other materials used to create the best bras for all-day comfort, such as Lycra, Elastane (a.k.a Spandex), Cotton, Silk-blend, etc.

best bra for all day comfort

There are misconceptions about what fabrics are the best for making something as delicate as undergarments. Many think synthetic fabrics are wildly uncomfortable and natural fabrics are the go-to choice.

Sad to correct you on this, but, this is false!

Candour London works with certain synthetic fabric blends to ensure your comfort. Elastane, a material we use has garnered much popularity amongst fellow women. Combining synthetic fibers, Elastane has various properties such as high elasticity, durability, and water-repellent (excellent for accidental splashes), not to mention creating invisible feeling bras.

Your bra will be more than just a pretty sight.

Cotton and its blends are also used along with other fabrics because if we guessed right, there’s more to it than just comfort. Athlete, Influencer, or Student, every girl has to look and feel comfortable, without compromising her fashion status.

Easy Adjustable Straps

Bra straps are a sore point when discussing bra comfort, even thinking about it is agonizing.

Over time, with constant wear and tear and washing, bra straps begin to sag. This is a natural process and girls and women alike find themselves trapped in the constant cycle of readjusting straps.

Let’s face it, you can’t be seen adjusting your straps at random hours of the day, especially when you are in a public space. Set this nightmare aside with our range of invisible feeling bras that are the ultimate covert bra.

The straps have a convenient thickness to ensure adjusting the buckle doesn’t become a tussle. Also, we have used perfectly smooth material to ensure that the buckle slides along nicely and the strap won’t dig into your flesh after a particularly long day (we’ve all been there!)

Back Strap

The bra back strap is particularly known to be evident, this totally defeats the idea of an invisible bra. Thanks to some design tweaks and comfortable bra materials, we are able to provide a bra that’s more comfortable and invisible, a combo that seems hard to get, in this day and age.

As a result, the two back strap-ends seamlessly fit over each other without being overly evident. That said, you won’t have a ‘bulge’ on your back that will make your t-shirt or blouse look and feel weird.

Don’t Stick to One Size!

If you have seen any of Candour London’s bras, you would have noticed the huge size range. Ranging from 32D to 40D (yes, 40D), we have a size for everyone. Finding your size is a relief, phew!

Comfortable bra material and size

But, if your bra still isn’t comfortable, we will show you how to make a bra more comfortable. We strongly suggest that you don’t stick to your size every time. In fact, mixing and matching bra sizes can be highly beneficial to improving comfort. Want to know why?

Well simply because every bra design is not the same and this means that a +/-1 size could hit the sweet spot of comfortability. There are easily over a dozen different bra types and not each one of them is supposed to have the same fit.
We’re sure you know what we mean. You must have separate bras for casual wear, college wear, and even invisible-feeling bras for smart wear. So, don’t cut yourself short by sticking to a single size.

When it comes to sports bras, the sizing scheme is usually sizes S to 2XL. But, keep in mind bras give way to accommodate the wearer, so it will stretch a tad bit. That said, you could manage a size smaller than your regular everyday bra. Especially since you want support during activities.

Just Enough Padding

Bra padding is a touchy topic for some. Some women swear by it and some aren’t really a fan of it as some local bra brands tend to overdo the padding part, making it look evidently awkward!

Padded bras have a role to play in invisible feeling bras. Besides the shapely well-rounded look, these bras are comfortable, no wonder why Gen Z’s love them.
What’s the key to a successful padded bra? The right amount of padding, of course!

Our padded bras feature just the right thickness of padding made from soft materials that won’t leave you with an itch. Furthermore, the padding is professionally sewn into the frames in such a way that ‘poky ends’ and ‘ visible cup frames’ are a thing of the past, making your bra low-key and 100% concealed under whatever you choose to wear.


Comfort and appearance are two staples every bra should provide to its wearer, because if not, why bother? More often than not, the best bras for all-day comfort are those that you forget you are wearing as if they are almost invisible.

At Candour London, we know how to make bras more comfortable and are dedicated to making the impossible, possible! Understanding the need of the hour, we craft undergarments that are rightfully not meant to be seen or felt. To experience a pain-free world where you aren’t enslaved by your bra, try your first Candour London bra today.


Q.) Does Candour London make comfortable bras with exchangeable back straps?

Ans. Yes, we make a range of the best bras for all-day comfort that feature straps that can be worn in 3 different ways, without creating any discomfort and marks on the wearer’s skin.

Q.) What are the comfortable bra materials used in your bras?

Ans. Currently, we use a range of fabrics that are known to be comfortable and hypoallergenic. Some examples are Elastane, cotton blend, Polyester, and Lace.