Lingerie and Mental Health: How Your Underwear Choices Can Boost Your Mood

Oct 27, 2023

Luxury lingerie for women

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Effects of Luxury Lingerie for Women on Mental Health
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


At Candour London we understand the invisible link between undergarments and mood! This is exactly why you’ll find a variety of designs, styles, and colors utilized in our luxury lingerie for women.

If you are a woman feeling low on confidence and need a mood booster, you may not have known that something as simple and unnoticeable as your undergarments can make a positive impact! Let us educate you on this must-know secret every woman should hold.

Luxury lingerie for women

Effects of Luxury Lingerie for Women on Mental Health

Who knew there was any relationship between lingerie choices and mental health, many women may laugh at the thought of their undergarment choice affecting their mood! However, this is true, and shaking up your undergarment choices can greatly affect the direction in which your day is heading. Take a look at the unique lingerie choices that can influence your mental health status.

Female Empowerment

Many women use their choice of bra and underwear to incite a feeling of empowerment because each woman can celebrate their body, embrace their uniqueness, and prioritize their own happiness above others with their choice.

Apart from that, undergarments are currently a fashion statement and anyone looking to look good can also feel good in their undergarments, a message younger women may not hear often enough. Well, we’ll say it again here,

Confidence Stemming From Comfort

Feeling comfortable does wonders for mental health simply because it boosts your self-esteem. Feeling confident lets you be at ease, makes it easier to be yourself and this gives you the confidence to be at ease in your skin and accomplish your daily goals with high success.

When this confidence is felt within, it is easier to exude that confidence and even leave a positive effect on the people working around you. What more could a woman ask for than to spread positivity around her?


Did you know upgrading your lingerie wardrobe is one of the most common ways of practicing self-care? Yes, it is actually true that buying that lingerie set you have been eyeing for a long time is actually a way of showing yourself some love.

With the lingerie options provided by Candour London, the ability to buy lingerie for women to feel confident in is not a dream but in fact a reality!

Everybody is Unique / Embracing Uniqueness

No two bodies are the same and sometimes it takes very different lingerie choices to make two very different women feel the same way! Embracing your figure is a sure-shot way to feel positive and improve mental health.

A woman attains uttermost empowerment when she proudly accepts her body and having a positive perception of your body is the best way to show others around you that they should also perceive your body that way.

Colors That Exude Positivity

Colors are usually perceived differently by everyone, a case of ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’. For example, some people may see black as a negative color while studies suggest that some people associate the color with mystery and sexiness.

Never mind the perceptions of other people, colors can psychologically impact the wearer. Bright and vibrant colors are the natural choice to enhance energetic and positive mood while neutral colors are a great way to provide calm and serenity.

Buy lingerie sets for women


Lingerie is a way of self-expression as it creates a way for women to express themselves. It doesn’t matter what mood you are in, Candour London has a set of undergarments for every mood you are in!

Whether you are feeling adventurous or in the mood to brighten your day, you can easily pick a look that says it loud and clear from our range of collections to help women discover their ability to dictate their own mental health.

Inner Validation

The introduction of luxury lingerie for women has been a turning point for women who are past the point of expecting external validation and are satisfied with internal validation.

Young women no longer have to wait for compliments and can easily take their appearance and comfort into their own hands. All this is possible by choosing undergarments that make them feel amazing because you can’t really look amazing without feeling amazing, can you?

Buy Lingerie Sets for Women and Feel Control

Most women don’t make the effort to match their underwear and bra, as they don’t have the interest to do so. But, we think women should definitely go the extra mile! Especially since it can boost their confidence, mental health, and mood.

What makes a lingerie choice such a powerful statement by a woman is the fact that she alone has the power to make a choice nobody can force her into!


When choosing lingerie, it isn’t just about wearing it for the sake of it or trying to look good, it's about reciprocating those looks into feelings as well!

The choice of undergarments can greatly influence the mood of the wearer, contributing to mental health. Luxury lingerie for women can be used as a symbol of empowerment and a means to self-express and be the one to bring positivity to one’s life which is why Candour London takes pride in creating undergarments that give women a choice and the ability to boost their mental health.


Q.1) Does underwear affect mood?

Ans. Yes, underwear does affect mood. That’s because wearing a certain type of underwear that feels or looks good can give the wearer much more confidence and this can lead to better body language being displayed by the wearer.

Q.2) What should a mood-boosting lingerie wardrobe consist of?

Ans. Women looking to use their lingerie to boost their mood, women can choose to fill their wardrobes with lingerie sets that fit comfortably as well as those sets that look good and give the wearer that extra confidence.

Q.3) What factors contribute toward a comfortable lingerie set?

Ans. Comfortable undergarment sets are characterized by soft breathable materials that offer stretchability and are quick-drying and highly absorbent. Also, choosing the right color could play a role in comfort and as a result mood as well.

Q.4) Can certain colors boost mood when looking to buy new lingerie?

Ans. Vibrant and warm colors have been known to boost energy levels and positivity, while more neutral colors can have a calming effect that reflects serenity. But, some women may feel differently and it is a good idea to let your mind see the colors and draw its own conclusion to truly tell if it boosts your mental health!