6 Tips to Choose Luxury Lingerie To Wow Your Partner on V-Day

Feb 12, 2024

_Luxury Lingerie That Will Wow Your Partner on Valentine's

Table of Content

  • Tip #1. Knowing Size & Preferences Helps in Choosing the Perfect Bra & Panty
  • Tip #2. Endless Styles of Luxury Lingerie for Women - Try Them All & Decide
  • Tip #3. Comfort or Appeal for Choosing the Perfect Bra? Get Them Both
  • Tip #4. Colour & Textures Add to the Sensual Experience
  • Tip #5. Pick The Best Underwear
  • Tip #6. Imagine Your Final Look
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Valentineā€™s day makes for a great occasion to go lingerie shopping and treat your partner to an unforgettable experience. Luxury lingerie for women is bound to fit into the plans.

Compiling your intimate ensemble can be a bit difficult seeing as there are virtually endless options of sexy lingerie for women. Because of this, we have compiled 6 tips to help you arrive at the best outfit.

Remember there is a link between lingerie and mental health and the right lingerie can boost mood and confidence. So take your time and choose correctly.

Choosing the perfect bra

Tip #1. Knowing Size & Preferences Helps in Choosing the Perfect Bra & Panty

Size is crucial to finding regular daily lingerie that looks and feels good. The same applies to finding an outfit for an occasion as special as Valentineā€™s day.

You may choose to buy lingerie sets for women to save time. But this isnā€™t the only option. Women can easily buy them separately and match one to the other. This option gives women more freedom of choice.

You may like one half of a set and not the other half. This is what makes choosing separately such a great option and honestly, an opportunity to woo your partner.

Tip #2. Endless Styles of Luxury Lingerie for Women - Try Them All & Decide

There are numerous bras designs around at the moment. Some of them may be too fancy or flashy for daily wear.

But, there is no better time for sexy lingerie for women than on a day like Valentineā€™s day! Here is a look at some of the best bras for the occasion.

Balconette bras

Balconette bras are a design which features a ā€˜balcony-like neckline.ā€™ This helps to provide a well-rounded and equally distributed appearance to the bust.

Our Pick: Black Structured Padded Wired Balconette Bra

Push-up bras

Push-ups are famous for giving women a fuller more bustier look. Women who are slightly on the lighter side can use this bra type to highlight their busts.

Our Pick: Push-Up Wired 3/4th Cover T-Shirt Bra

Non-padded bras

Women with a healthy chest may prefer non-padded bras and just look to ensure a good fit and a great way to display their bust. A non-padded bra helps to accomplish this and more.

Our Pick: Structured Non-Padded Wired Full Cover Bra

Embroidered wired bras

If you are looking to focus on appeal, embroidery and lace bras are a great choice. Plus these bras are even more appealing in a range of colours.

Our Pick: Embroidered Structured Non-Padded Wired Full Cover Bra

Tip #3. Comfort or Appeal for Choosing the Perfect Bra? Get Them Both

Every woman needs to feel comfortable to feel confident but also wants to look good. Normally it's an impossible decision between looks and feels.

The good news is that girls donā€™t have to choose between them anymore. Modern lingerie is appealing and comfortable meaning that women can look good and feel good.

Tip #4. Colour & Textures Add to the Sensual Experience

Valentineā€™s day is about love and showing your feelings for your partner. Lingerie plays a crucial role in this.

The colour and texture of lingerie can stimulate the senses as the brain reacts differently to certain colours. Although red may be the designated Valentineā€™s day colour, but you can be a rebel and pick any colour you like.

Just look at how appealing this Purple padded wired bra is compared to other red-coloured bras.

Women shouldnā€™t be afraid to stray from tradition when it comes to choosing Valentineā€™s day lingerie. Luxury lingerie for women now comes in a multitude of colours.

Perhaps your partner has a favourite colour in mind, this could sway your choice, and why not.

Tip #5. Pick The Best Underwear

While concentrating on bras, you may forget to pay attention to the bottomwear. Not paying enough attention to underwear on a special occasion is officially a sin!

Women should get just as excited to buy underwear as they do to buy a bra. While you can buy lingerie sets for women from a store, itā€™s not the same as choosing them separately.

Like bras, women's panties come in a variety of prints, styles, and fabrics.

buy lingerie sets for women

Tip #6. Imagine Your Final Look

Now after choosing the perfect bra and panty, it's time to think about the finishing touches.

Pick out any accessories you will want to add to the look. This could be jewellery, shoes, makeup or anything else if you are aiming for a particular look. Belts and fancy gloves could also make the cut.

You may want to try your look on before and see how it looks in the mirror. Doing this also helps to gauge the comfortability of the outfit. This will help to avoid a very uncomfortable experience on Valentineā€™s day.

Maybe you intend on decorating the bedroom with rose petals or scented candles. Early purchasing of sexy lingerie for women will free up time and energy for this additional planning.


Following these 6 easy steps will aid women in finding luxury lingerie for women with exceptional tastes. This way, you will be able to mark this Valentineā€™s day as one you and your partner will always remember.

If you donā€™t have enough time to go to a store, you can buy best lingerie online for women at Candour Londonā€™s Valentine store.



Q.) What fabrics are luxury lingerie for women made from?

Ans. Luxury lingerie can be made from a range of different fabrics, it doesnā€™t have to be silk! Even high-grade cotton can be luxurious and comfortable without attracting a massive price tag.

Q.) Can a comfortable bra be suitable for Valentineā€™s day even if it isnā€™t flashy?

Ans. Choosing the perfect bra for any occasion starts with comfort. Thatā€™s because comfort helps women to feel and act more confident. There is nothing more appealing to partners than seeing their girlfriend confident.

Q.) Can non-red underwear still be an intimate colour?

Ans. Yes, other colours besides red can still make a woman exude sexiness.